Derrick Rose injured…yet again

News broke yesterday of Derrick Rose’s latest injury, a medial meniscus tear in his right knee. Rose previously injured this same knee only last year and now the question has to be asked, will Rose ever come close to playing at the superstar level fans got a small glimpse of? One would have to assume that this injury and yet another rehab stint for Rose has got to impact his psyche tremendously, and in a negative way. Rose now has to battle back yet again just to get back on the United Center hardwood and prove to himself that he can stay healthy for more than a season. Once upon a time the Bulls franchise was Rose’s to lead – he was considered the next franchise cornerstone for the Bulls after getting drafted first overall in the 2008 NBA draft and represented the brightest future the Bulls have had since the Jordan era. That thought now seems like a distant memory.

Bulls fans now are even more skeptical than they already were about the future of the franchise. The team had a Finals push in mind this season and Rose’s latest injury makes that goal far more difficult to accomplish. NBA fans have held their breath each time Rose has attempted a return, this year being no exception. Just when fans finally started to get used to seeing Rose back on the court, this injury happened. Unfortunately, injuries are part of the game and are very unpredictable.

Rose surely is asking himself the question of whether the injuries he’s sustained over his career have gotten the best of him and if basketball is worth pursuing anymore if it’s going to continue to take such a gruelling toll on his body. After battling back from a whopping three devastating injuries in a short seven year career, NBA fans have to hope Rose can stay healthy for a longer period of time. Thankfully Rose is only 26, which means that his career is not over just yet. He has a chance to bounce back, the only question remaining is how he’ll look when he returns.


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