Quick tid bit on the NBA Finals

Although this post won’t provide much substance regarding the play of the Cavs and Warriors in the NBA finals, given how I’m writing this post in Israel and haven’t been able to watch full games aside from highlights, it will share my opinion pertaining to the flaws of the NBA playoff system.

The Finals Already Happened..

Let’s be honest, the Oklahoma City-Golden State Western Conference final series captivated everyone’s attention. OKC pushed GS to the brink of elimination in convincing fashion, and many felt KD’s time to shine was finally upon us. Then tides turned, and GS captured three straight wins to reach the NBA Finals for the second consecutive season. In doing so, the Warriors kept their potential legacy as the greatest team of all time in tact, while also showing just how resilient they can be, especially after multiple embarassing blowouts.

This NBA Finals has really not been close so far. The level of competition is lackluster at best, as the Cavs have looked overmatched at every position. The larger OKC defenders that successfully defended Thompson and Curry for much of the series are nowhere to be found. Without putting a legitimate defender on both Curry and Thompson (Shumpert can’t guard both, while Irving is an atrocious defender) the Cavs have a very slim chance of even pushing this to 6 games, even if LeBron pulls out 2015 Finals performance again. Then again, the presence of Love and Irving surely won’t allow him to take over the series in nearly the same way, given their tendencies to want the ball in their hands and play significant roles in the offense. Unfortunately, Love is also a below average defender, so whatever he can provide defensively will be negated on the other end.

Surely David Griffin is rethinking his decision to fire David Blatt…LeBron should never have garnered this much control over a team in the first place.
Look at the Warriors. Chemistry and team building from the ground up works far better than buying free agents.

Update after the Finals concluded:

I take back my doubts about LeBron and the Cavaliers. Becoming the first team to come back from a 3-1 deficit is impressive in itself…but when you consider that the comeback was on the NBA’s greatest stage, against an all-time team in the Golden State Warriors, it makes the feat all the more impressive. I eat my words Cavs fans.

Having Draymond Green suspended from Game 5 of the Finals certainly played a role in shifting the momentum of the series. Prior to Draymond’s suspension, the Warriors had their hands firmly grasped around the Cavaliers’ hopes of NBA immortality. Not having Green in Game 5 gave the Cavs new life, as they were able to dominate the game and send the series back to Cleveland. If Green wasn’t suspended, who knows if LeBron and Co. would have been able to pull off the monumental comeback. A beaten-up Curry certainly didn’t do the Warriors any favours either.


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